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Application Timeline

Application deadline: January 31, 2023 (Tuesday), 5:00pm Hong Kong time

Am I Eligible?
Contact the Programme Office
Contact the Institution
Application Submission
Award Announcement

Step 1: Am I Eligible?

  • The applicant must hold a bachelor’s degree or above in Chinese art history, museum management, archaeology, conservation, museum education, museology or other relevant disciplines.
  • Project areas funded by the Programme include but are not limited to:
    1) museum collection research,
    2) Chinese art exhibition planning, and
    3) receiving professional training in museum management, collection registration, conservation, education, exhibition design, information technology or other relevant fields at a museum.
  • A Fellow is required to be stationed at a museum or an institution in a country outside his or her habitual residence for 4 to 12 months on a full-time basis.
  • Ability to communicate in the language of the host country would be preferable.
  • There are no restrictions regarding the age, nationality and gender of the applicant.
  • To encourage Western museums to support deserving staff members to participate in the Programme, a Fellow’s affiliated museum might be granted a salary subsidy to hire a temporary staff member to take over duties of the Fellow during the Programme period. This subsidy is granted on a case-by-case basis subject to a museum’s needs.
  • The Programme does NOT fund courses of study, dissertation research and the collection of dissertation related materials.

Step 2: Contact the Programme Office

  • The Programme supports fellowship projects at 55 Participating Institutions. Fellowship at non-participating institutions will also be considered. Before applying to the Programme, the applicant should notify the Programme Office about his or her choice of hosting institution and submit the following by email
    1) A curriculum vitae
    2) A Fellowship proposal which includes
    a) the objective of the proposed project,
    b) a project description,
    c) a project timeline, and
    d) demonstration of how the project is relevant to the applicant’s professional goals or research interests.
  • The Programme Office will provide the applicant with contact information of the prospective hosting institution to further process the application.
  • Should the applicant be temporarily living in a country that is not his or her habitual residence during the application process and is considering applying for a Fellowship attachment in that country, in addition to a fellowship proposal and a curriculum vitae, he or she might be required to provide the reasons for temporarily residing in that country and future relocation plans (if any).

Step 3: Contact the Institution

  • The applicant is encouraged to contact the prospective Hosting Institution at least one month before the application deadline. The Institution might reject an applicant who contacts the Institution too close to the application deadline, or is unable to provide their Fellowship proposal and curriculum vitae.
  • At this stage, the applicant can contact more than one institution, but is recommended to approach no more than 3 institutions.
  • The applicant should discuss the Fellowship proposal with the Institution to match the expectations of both parties. The Institution might decline the application it considers not suitable. The Institution has no obligation to indicate the reason for declining an application.
  • If the applicant wishes to apply to a non-participating institution, the applicant has to request an official invitation letter issued by the institution, indicating that it is willing to be your hosting institution and will provide you with the necessary support and assistance during the Fellowship. The invitation letter should be sent directly from the institution to before the deadline.

Step 4: Application Submission

  • The applicant has to complete an application form and invite two referees to complete a recommendation form. The forms can be downloaded below:
  • All forms should be completed in either English or Chinese.
  • The completed application form and recommendation forms should be submitted by email to before the application deadline. Recommendation forms must be submitted directly by the referees.
  • Late or fax application submissions will NOT be considered. A confirmation email will be sent to acknowledge receipt of an application.

Step 5: Selection

  • Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview in May. The Programme Office will ensure the shortlisted candidates receive the interview invitation.
  • Shortlisted candidates will be required to provide a preliminary budget plan for the proposed Fellowship project for consideration.

Step 6: Award Announcement

  • The Programme Office will notify all the applicants of the application results in June.
  • The Programme Committee’s decision to grant or not grant any award is final. The Programme Office is not obliged to offer an explanation for a decision. The Programme Office will not handle any enquiries about application progress and results under any circumstances.