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Dr. QI Xiaoqing

Associate Researcher
Dunhuang Academy China (Dunhuang)

Fellowship Project

Dr. Qi Xiaoqing spent six months at The British Museum in London, U.K. where she researched and identified Sogdian donors’ inscriptions, exploring the potential linkage between works at Dunhuang Cave and grotto murals. While she was in the U.K., she also studied the Dunhuang collections and advised The British Library on the Dunhuang collection database, refining its information and improving its data search functionality.


Dr. Qi Xiaoqing is currently Associate Researcher at Dunhuang Academy China with a research focus on foreign influences on Dunhuang Grotto arts, in particular the impacts and contribution of the Sogdian group and Central Asian art.

Recent Development and Achievement

    Dr. Qi Xiaoqing will continue her research on the Buddhist art exchange between Dunhuang and Central Asia, as well as the route and characteristics of the spread of Buddhism to the northern and eastern regions of Central Asia during the Kushan period, identifying the route of the spread of Buddhism to China and the reverse spread of Buddhism beyond the 6th century.

Selected Publication(s)

  • 祁曉慶 (2019)。〈《張議潮夫婦出行圖》的圖像學考察〉。《藝術設計研究》,2019(3),頁23-29。
  • 祁曉慶 (2018)。〈鞶囊及胡人佩囊習俗考〉。《華夏考古》,2018(2),頁78-85。