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Mr. GUO Fuxiang

Research Fellow
The Palace Museum (Beijing)

Fellowship Project

Mr. Guo Fuxiang spent six months at The National Palace Museum in Taipei, Taiwan where he conducted research on Qianlong and Suzhou jade carvings, as well as seals of Wen Peng.

Mr. Guo’s research covered the discovery and dissemination of spin jade technology; Suzhou jade worker Xu Mingcai and his works; and Manas jasper and its literature. Through a review of museum literature, he confirmed the mining and use of Manas jasper in the Qing court during the Qianlong period.


Mr. Guo Fuxiang is a Research Fellow at The Palace Museum in Beijing, China. He joined the museum after graduating from the Department of Archaeology at Jilin University in 1989, and has since specialised in the collection management, exhibition display, catalog editing, and research of imperial court antiques. His research interests cover emperors’ seals, clocks and watches; Qianlong jades and court life, Sino-western cultural exchange, and Western antiques. Combining the research of documents, literature and real objects, Mr. Guo has carried out in-depth and systematic research on Emperors’ seals and clocks – two important yet under-researched types of Chinese cultural relics.

Mr. Guo has curated numerous exhibitions of western antiques, clocks and scientific instruments in museums and galleries at home and abroad, including Kulangsu Gallery of Foreign Artefacts from the Palace Museum Collection, the Macau Museum of Art, the Hong Kong Science Museum, and the Science Museum in London. He has also participated in many international and local academic seminars, and has been to the U.K, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland for academic exchange.

Recent Development and Achievement

    Recently, Mr. Guo Fuxiang has been engaged in the research of foreign artifacts collection for The Palace Museum Foreign Relics Hall. This research focuses on discussing the history and culture of Qing Qianlong Emperor’s court jade collection and the interaction and technological transformation between the court and the people.

Selected Publication(s)

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  • 郭福祥(2013)。《時間的歷史映像—中國鐘錶史論集》。北京:紫禁城出版社。
  • 郭福祥與張普(2005)。《鐘錶的中國傳奇》。北京:五洲傳播出版社。
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