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The 8th Forum for Curators of Chinese Art

Transcending Boundaries: Towards a New Era of Curating Chinese Art

5-7 October 2023 (Thursday to Saturday)
Organiser: Bei Shan Tang Foundation
Co-organisers: Hong Kong Museum of Art and Hong Kong Palace Museum
Supporting Organisation: Asia Society Hong Kong Center

This year’s Forum is themed around boundaries. It seeks to catalyse action through in-depth reflection on how curators are transcending myriad boundaries in curating Chinese art—boundaries between cultures, between ancient and contemporary, between the museum and the community, between local and global—and through looking at the dynamic relationship between generations of curators. The socio-cultural shift and geopolitical developments in the post-pandemic era have impelled museums to ponder its identity, looking inward at their own Chinese art collections and using them to tell compelling stories that are relevant and connected to their local and global audiences. Museums have also creatively leveraged contemporary art as a medium to promote Chinese art, or present Chinese art in a larger, multi-cultural context. How do curators as cultural torchbearers transcend their professional boundaries to break new ground in research and curation?