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Dr. CAO Rong

Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Department
Shanghai Museum (Shanghai)

Fellowship Project

Dr. Cao Rong will spend six months at the Tokyo National Museum in Japan to research its collection from Kano Studio and Chinese paintings of the Ming Dynasty, gaining a better understanding of the court painting.


Dr. Cao Rong is a Curator of Painting and Calligraphy at the Shanghai Museum with a research interest in Yuan and Ming paintings and the history of connoisseurship and collections. She received her Ph.D. in Art History from the China Academy of Art in 2019. Her recent research focuses on the issue of draft paintings in Chinese art history.

Recent Development and Achievement

    Dr. Cao Rong is currently working on the preparation of the exhibition at the Chinese Ancient Painting Gallery of the Shanghai Museum (East Hall). Apart from that, she is also participating in the publication of the Basic Classics of Chinese Art Series, collating Zhou Mi’s Record of Clouds and Mist Passing Before One’s Eyes (周密《雲煙過眼錄》). 

Selected Publication(s)

  • 曹蓉,《傳統記憶:明代的山水畫稿與山水畫知識》,《文藝研究》2022年第2期,頁134—148。
  • 曹蓉,《元代早期的“雲山圖”:以高克恭為中心》,《藝術工作》2022年第5期,頁50—57。
  • 曹蓉,《<雲煙過眼錄>中的鑒藏活動:元初的古物交易與流轉》,《藝術工作》2018年第5期,頁83—88。
  • 王永波、雷德侯編《中國佛教石經·山東省第四卷》 [Buddhist Stone Sutras In China:Shandong Province Volume 4],Tai29—32,中國美術學院出版社,2023年。
  • 上海博物館編《丹青寶筏:董其昌書畫藝術特集》,沈灝,上海書畫出版社,2018年。