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Institute for East Asian Art History
Heidelberg University (Heidelberg)

Fellowship Project

Dr. Giulia Pra Floriani will spend one year at the Museum of Civilizations and the Library of Italian Institute for Africa and the Orient (IsIAO) in Rome, to research on the collection of Giuseppe Tucci (1894 –1984) and the Italian discourse on Asian Art History during the first half of the twentieth century. Giulia is going to approach the objects collected by Tucci and other archaeologists and scholars in Asia, including circa 2000 Gandhara fragments, Tanka Paintings, and a selection of the 14,000 photographic items She will identify, date, and caption some of the uncatalogued photographic images in the collection of the IsIAO Library .


Dr. Giulia Pra Floriani is an Italian researcher of transcultural Art History specializing in the history of Photography in China. She owns a Ph.D. from the Institute of East Asian Art History at Heidelberg University, a master’s degree in Chinese Language and Culture from Xi’an Jiaotong University and a Master’s degree in Art History from Peking University. She has worked as a curator of contemporary photography at International Photography Festivals in Pingyao and Dali, as a research assistant at the Völkerkunde-Museum der J. u. E. von Portheim-Stiftung in Heidelberg, and as a lecturer at Heidelberg University.

Recent Development and Achievement

    Dr. Giulia Pra Floriani is currently in the final phases of editing for the book Ink meets Oil: Chinese Artists trained in Europe (1920-1945), edited with Sarah Fraser and Shen Kuiyi, and forthcoming in 2023, which investigates the role of Academic Training in the formation of Modern Art Education in China.

    She has recently coordinated and translated the interview by Elio Cappuccio to Wang Guangyi, which will be published in the exhibition catalogue of the exhibition Hidden Existence at Palazzo Pitti, Florence, planned for September 2023.

Selected Publication(s)

  • Co-author with Sarah E. Fraser (forthcoming in 2023). “Realisms on the Frontier: Wartime Period Western China through the ethnographic Eye,” book chapter in Sarah E. Fraser, Kuiyi Shen, Giulia Pra Floriani (eds.), Ink meets Oil: Chinese Artists Trained in Europe (1920-1945) (Leiden: BRILL).
  • Co-author with Huang Zongxian (forthcoming in 2023). “Memory Moves into Sculpture: Monuments by Chinese Artists Trained in France (1919-1952),” book chapter in Sarah E. Fraser, Kuiyi Shen, Giulia Pra Floriani (eds.), Ink meets Oil: Chinese Artists Trained in Europe (1920-1945) (Leiden: BRILL).
  • Pra Floriani G. (forthcoming in 2023). ”Photographic Portraits of Leaders of the 1911 Revolution: The Promise of Historical Rupture in the Chinese Republican Press,” chapter in Tim Satterthwaite (ed.), Magazines and Modern Identities(London: Bloomsbury).
  • Pra Floriani G. (2019). “Connecting paintings and photographs of the Empress Dowager Cixi,” Hubei Institute of Fine Arts Journal (in Chinese)
  • Pra Floriani G. (2019). “Imagined Cities, Architectural Photography by Olivo Barbieri,” Chinese Photography, 2019 (in Chinese).
  • Pra Floriani G. (2018). Wang Guangyi; Wang Qingsong; Wang Youshen; Sun Xun; Zhang Huan; Yue Minjun. entries in the Exhibition Catalogue Contemporary Chaos (Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium).Pra Floriani G. (2017). Liu Xiaodong. Li Songsong. Zhang Huan. Yue Minjun. Entries in the Exhibition Catalogue The new frontiers of paintings (Skira).