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Dr. LIU Hui

Deputy Director of Cultural & Creative Industry Research Institute and The Palace Museum Library
The Palace Museum (Beijing)

Fellowship Project

Dr. Liu Hui will spend 6 months at the Victoria and Albert Museum in the UK to conduct extensive research on the development and integrated operation of museum creative industry development and exchange with colleagues from different departments and learn about the overall museum operation in order to understand the operational collaboration between creative products development and other departments. Dr. Liu is expected to create a course on creative industry in The Palace Museum and complete other research projects after her fellowship.


Dr. Liu Hui obtained her doctoral degree on Chinese Art History from the Central Academy of Fine Arts. She has been leading several major publishing and cultural creative projects at The Palace Museum, as well as dedicating to art history research. Dr. Liu has edited over 100 articles on professional publication on cultural heritage and art history and gained multiple national awards. In 2016, she was recognized and awarded as National Leading Talents in the Field of Press, Publication, Radio and Television by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio and Television; in 2019, she received the “Taofen Award” (「韜奮獎」), an ultimate award in the field of press and publication in China. In 2020, she earned the “Pioneer Award” jointly issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Chinese Association for Science and Technology and the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.

Recent Development and Achievement

    1. Dr. Liu Hui is leading the 2021 Palace Museum project “Cultural and Creative Curriculum System for the Palace Museum” (「故宮文創課程體系」) and is planning to launch a cultural and creative training camp.
    2. Dr. Liu Hui is leading the 2021 inaugural project of “The Palace Museum’s Talent Programme on the publication and dissemination of ancient books in the collection and the development of cultural and creative works” (「故宮博物院藏古籍的出版傳播以及文創研發規劃」).

Selected Publication(s)


  • 劉輝(2021.9)。〈一曲新中國讚歌〉。《人民日報海外版》。
  • 劉輝(2017)。專著《歐洲淵源與本土語境:從幻覺裝飾到清宮線法通景畫》,故宮出版社。
  • 劉輝(2013.8)。〈「乾隆古裝雪景行樂圖」考證〉。《文物》。
  • 劉輝(2013.6)。〈清宮“孔雀開屏圖”考證〉。《故宮學刊》(第10輯)。
  • 劉輝(2013.2)。〈康熙朝洋畫家:傑凡尼•熱拉蒂尼——兼論康熙皇帝對西洋繪畫之態度〉。《故宮博物院院刊》。


  • 劉輝(2021.10)。〈2022《故宮日曆》:科技賦予新生命力〉。《出版人》。
  • 劉輝(2021.9)。〈故宮日曆的前生今世〉。《人民日報海外版》。
  • 劉輝(2021.8)。〈如何實現百倍增長:故宮出版社十五年轉型路〉。《出版人》。
  • 劉輝(2021.7)。〈文化學術之旅,出版創意人生〉。收入《邁入出版家行列:韜奮出版獎獲獎者小傳叢書之三》,中國出版協會、韜奮基金會編。線裝書局。
  • 劉輝(2020.9)。〈關於博物館文創的幾點思考〉。《光明日報》。
  • 劉輝(2020.3)。〈開拓創新:故宮出版社融合發展〉。《傳媒》,(2020,3下)。
  • 劉輝(2017.11)。〈故宮出版的文創之路〉。《出版廣角》,(2017,11下)。