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Ms. LIU Fang-ju

Research Fellow
National Palace Museum (Taipei)

Fellowship Project

Ms. Liu Fang-ju spent five months at The Palace Museum in Beijing, China where she investigated the curation, preservation, conservation and digitization of Chinese paintings and calligraphic works. During the fellowship, Ms. Liu conducted interviews with seven departments at the museum including the Department of Paintings and Calligraphy, the Exhibition Department, the Collection Management Department, the Research Administration Department, the Department of Heritage Architectural Technologies, and the Public Services Department. She also observed the processes of changing exhibitions, conserving calligraphic works and photographing museum collections. She compiled the outcomes of her fellowship into a book.


Ms. Liu Fang-ju graduated from the National Taiwan Normal University and is currently Research Fellow at the National Palace Museum. Prior to this position, she was the Director of the Department of Painting, Calligraphy, Rare Books and Historical Documents of the National Palace Museum.

Recent Development and Achievement

    • “National Treasures of the Museum: Masterpiece Paintings by Fan Kuan, Guo Xi, and Li Tang” — Upcoming Exhibition at the National Palace Museum (6 October – 16 November, 2021)
    • “The Last Stroke of Literati Painting: A Special Exhibition of Painting and Calligraphy by Pu Hsin-yu” — Upcoming Exhibition at the National Palace Museum (3 October – 21 December, 2021)
    • “Hidden Gems: Treasures of Painting and Calligraphy from the Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts” — Upcoming Exhibition at the National Palace Museum (24 July – 21 September, 2021)
    • “‘She & Her’: On Women and Their Art in Chinese History “ — Exhibition at the National Palace Museum (6 October – 27 December, 2020)
    • “Silhouette of a Great Master: A Retrospective of Chang Dai-chien’s Art on the 120th Anniversary of His Birth” (1 April – 25 June, 2019)
    • “Of a Feather Flocking Together: Birds, Flowers, and Fruit in Melodic Harmony” — Exhibition at the National Palace Museum (1 January – 25 March, 2019)
    • “Heaven and Earth in Chinese Art: Treasures from the National Palace Museum, Taipei” — Opening and seminar at the National Palace Museum (2 February 2019)
    • “Another Look at National Treasures: Select Masterpieces of Painting and Calligraphy in the Museum Collection” — Exhibition at the National Palace Museum (1 October – 25 December, 2018)
    • “The Making of a National Treasure: Select Masterpieces of Painting and Calligraphy in the Museum Collection” —Exhibition at the National Palace Museum (1 October – 25 December, 2017)

Selected Publication(s)

Catalogue entries

  • 劉芳如(主編)(2020)。《她——女性形象與才藝》。臺北:國立故宮博物院。
  • 劉芳如(主編)(2019)。《巨匠的剪影——張大千120歲紀念大展》。臺北:國立故宮博物院。
  • 劉芳如主編(2019)。《來禽圖——禽鳥與花果的和諧奏鳴》。臺北:國立故宮博物院。
  • 劉芳如主編(2019)。《國寶再現——書華菁華特展》。臺北:國立故宮博物院。
  • 劉芳如主編(2018)。《國寶的形成——書華菁華特展》。臺北:國立故宮博物院。
  • 劉芳如主編(2012),《名品聚焦——華喦寫生冊》。臺北:國立故宮博物院。

Journal articles

  • 劉芳如(2021)。〈默與神遇——再訪范寬故里的新發現〉。《典藏古美術》,344,頁62-69。
  • 劉芳如(2020)。〈她——女性形象與才藝特展導賞〉。《故宮文物月刊》,451,頁4-20。
  • 劉芳如(2019)。〈名山鉅作——張大千廬山圖特展〉。 《故宮文物月刊》,439,頁42-53。
  • 劉芳如(2019)。〈張大千寫像縱橫談〉。《故宮文物月刊》,434,頁76-88。
  • 劉芳如(2019)。〈狀物之生——法常寫生卷〉。《故宮文物月刊》,432,頁126-127。
  • 劉芳如(2019)。〈看畫.賞鳥——來禽圖特展導讀〉。《故宮文物月刊》,430,頁4-21。
  • 劉芳如(2018)。〈畫裡狸奴——從國寶再現特展中的貓談起〉。《故宮文物月刊》,427,頁76-86。
  • 劉芳如(2018)。〈清雅中見士氣——吳熙載花卉畫導讀〉。《故宮文物月刊》,426,頁4-13。
  • 劉芳如(2017)。〈名山與大川——張大千呂佛庭巨幅雙璧〉。《故宮文物月刊》,417,頁48-61。
  • 劉芳如(2017)。〈國寶的形成——書畫菁華特展〉。《故宮文物月刊》,415,頁18-33。
  • 劉芳如(2017)。〈渡海畫家的台味山水——以故宮典藏為例〉。《故宮文物月刊》,407,頁20-34。
  • 劉芳如(2016)。〈故宮書畫在舊金山——帝王品味佈展紀實〉。《故宮文物月刊》,401,頁58-68。
  • 劉芳如(2015)。〈蒙古御容——摭談帝后像與出獵圖〉。《故宮文物月刊》,392,頁84-97。
  • 劉芳如(2015)。〈典範與流傳——范寬及其傳派特展巡禮〉。《故宮文物月刊》,388,頁14-31。
  • 劉芳如(2014)。〈本尊與分身——摭談仇英畫風的傳續及影響〉。 《故宮文物月刊》,380,頁50-63。
  • 劉芳如(2014)。〈人間仙境——仇英漢宮春曉圖卷〉。《故宮文物月刊》,379,頁28-38。
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  • 劉芳如(2012)。〈探索谿山源——范寬故里記行〉。《故宮文物月刊》,348,頁74-83。