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Dr. LIU Qiang

Institute for History of Science and Technology & Ancient Texts
Tsinghua University (Beijing)

Fellowship Project

Dr. Liu Qiang spent six months at the National Palace Museum in Taipei, Taiwan where she studied the imperial collection of Tianlu Linlang rare books from the Qian-Jia period. During the fellowship, she was invited to give talks on Tianlu Linlang at the National Palace Museum, Soochow University, National Tsinghua University, National Central University and Chinese Culture University. The outcomes of her fellowship was included in her book 《天祿琳琅知見書錄》(A Book on Tian-lu Lin-lang) in April 2017.


Dr. Liu Qiang is a researcher at the Institute for History of Science and Technology & Ancient Texts, Tsinghua University specialising in editions and bibliography, with a research interest in Qing imperial book collections over the past decade.

Her recent research focuses on the investigation and analysis of early Chinese engravings. In 2006 / 2007, she was a visiting scholar at the Harvard University where she compiled a catalogue of the Chinese Rare Books Collections at the Harvard-Yenching Library.

Recent Development and Achievement

    Dr. Liu Qiang has continued to deepen and refine her research on the editions of Chinese ancient books, in phases and by topics.

Selected Publication(s)

  • 劉薔 (2017)。〈天祿琳琅知見書錄〉。北京:北京大學出版社。
  • 劉薔 (2015)。〈臺灣現藏《天祿琳琅》遺書考述〉。《國家圖書館館刊》,12。