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Dr. XU Zheng

China National Silk Museum (Hangzhou)

Fellowship Project

Dr. Xu Zheng spent five months at the Philadelphia Museum of Art in the U.S.A. where she conducted research on the museum’s collection of Chinese sutra covers of the Ming Dynasty.


Dr. Xu Zheng is currently a research curator at the China National Silk Museum specialising in the collection, research and exhibition of ancient textiles.

Recent Development and Achievement

    In recent years Dr. Xu Zheng has expanded her field of research beyond ancient textiles into modern silk history and the identification of unearthed silk cultural relics. She published the book “Textile Design in Modern China” in 2018 and won the second prize in the “Basic Theory Research Category” of the 12th Philosophy and Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement of Zhejiang Province. Dr. Xu also curated the exhibition “Chinese Silk and the Silk Road”, which won the 14th Best Ten National Museum Exhibition Selections Award, and the exhibition “Life along the Silk Road: Little Story During the Great Era”, which won the 2019 Museum Exhibition Excellence Award of Zhejiang Province.

Selected Publication(s)

  • 徐錚(2019)。《美國費城藝術博物館絲綢經面研究》。上海:東華大學出版社。
  • 徐錚(2020)。《中國絲綢之路:絲綢歷史與絲綢之路》(合著/第一作者)。浙江:浙江大學出版社。
  • 徐錚與蔡欣(2018)。《中國古代絲綢設計素材圖系:遼宋卷》。浙江:浙江大學出版社。
  • 袁宣萍與徐錚(2018)。《中國近代染織設計》。浙江:浙江大學出版社。
  • 徐錚與金琳(2017)。《錦程-中國絲綢與絲綢之路》。浙江:浙江大學出版社。
  • 趙豐與徐錚(2017)。《經緯錦繡-中國古代絲綢紡織術》。北京:文物出版社。