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Ms. JIN Jingzhi

Associate Curator
Exhibition Department
Shanghai Museum (Shanghai)

Fellowship Project

Ms. Jin Jingzhi spent 12 months at the Tokyo National Museum in Japan, where she investigated and studied the relationship between literati paintings of the Edo period and Chinese paintings, especially those from the Ming and Qing dynasties. During the fellowship, Ms. Jin joined hands with the Tokyo National Museum team to plan the “Shanghai Expo and Tokyo Expo joint exhibition”. She also furthered her investigations and studies on the establishment and development of Japanese literary paintings, and explored theories of Chinese painting and the impact of Japanese literary paintings from different eras. She has published numerous research papers in Japan and China.


Graduated from the Art History Department of Gukushuin University, Japan, Ms. Jin Jingzhi currently works as an Associate Curator at the Exhibition Department of Shanghai Museum. Her research in recent years has focused on how Japanese literati painters represented by Ike Taiga learned from Chinese literati paintings, incorporating the spirit of Chinese literati paintings into their own work, and promoted the forming of Japanese literati paintings. She coordinated and was involved in the content curation and project planning of Shanghai Museum exhibitions such as “Masterpieces of Chinese Paintings from The Yuan Dynasty in Japanese and Chinese Collections”, “Masterpieces of Early Chinese Painting and Calligraphy in American Collections” and “The Vision and Calligraphy of Aoyama San’u”.

Recent Development and Achievement

    Ms. Jin Jingzhi’s research focuses on the influence of Chinese paintings in Japan from the 17th to the 19th century. She strives to organise special exhibitions based on her research findings.