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Mrs. Ming WILSON

Honorary Senior Research Fellow
Victoria and Albert Museum (London)

Fellowship Project

Mrs. Ming Wilson spent three months at The Palace Museum in Beijing, China where she studied the museum’s collection of British objects with an aim to confirm British diplomatic gifts to the Qing court and trace how non-diplomatic British products were sent to the court. Through the study, she gained an understanding of the Sino-British exchange and diplomatic relationship in the Qing dynasty.


Mrs. Ming Wilson joined the Victoria and Albert Museum in 1994 and had been until 2018 the Senior Curator in the Asian Department specializing in Chinese jade and hardstone carvings, furniture and ceramics. Prior to joining the museum, she received an MA degree from the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London. She has organized exhibitions and written books on a wide range of topics of Chinese art, including export paintings, jades, rare books, imperial robes and the history of Chinese art in Britain. Her recent research is on Sino-British diplomatic gifts.

Recent Development and Achievement

    Mrs. Ming Wilson is currently a Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the Victoria and Albert Museum conducting research on first-hand English and Chinese source material on Sino-British relationship from 1637 to 1833.

Selected Publication(s)

  • Wilson, M. (2011). Imperial Chinese robes from the Forbidden City. London, UK: V & A Publishing.
  • Wilson, M. (2004). Chinese jades. London, UK: V & A Publishing.
  • Wilson, M. (1998). Rare marks on Chinese ceramics. London, UK: University of London.
  • Wilson, M., & Pierson, S. (2006). The art of the book in China. London, UK: SOAS.
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  • Liu, M. Q. (2008). From silk to porcelain: Stories of British collectors and museums. Shanghai, China: Shanghai Cishu Publishing. (In Chinese)