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Dr. HU Jialin

Associate Curator
Shanghai Museum (Shanghai)

Fellowship Project

Dr. Hu Jialin will spend four months at The Art Institute of Chicago in the U.S.A., where he will study the institute’s Chinese ancient bronze collection and related collections in Chicago.


Dr. Hu Jialin is Associate Curator in the Department of Bronze at the Shanghai Museum. He is also a part-time researcher at the Bronze Culture Research Center in Shaanxi Normal University, a postgraduate tutor at North Minzu University, an executive council member of China Society of Confucianism and Legal Culture, and an inspector for the entry and exit of cultural relics (metal). He has published numerous research papers on archaeology, ancient bronze and palaeography from the Shang and Zhou periods. In 2011, he was a visiting scholar at The British Museum, where he assisted in collating the museum’s bronze collection and transcribing the inscriptions of the bronzes.

Recent Development and Achievement

    • Dr. Hu Jialinhas planned numerous exhibitions at the Shanghai Museum including “Ancient Chinese Bronzeware Collected by Hu Yingying and Fan Jirong” (2008), “Relics of the Zhou Dynasty Unearthed in Hancheng, Shaanxi” (2012), “Baoji Bronzeware Unearthed from the Tombs of Zhou Nobles in Shigu Shanxi” (2014), “Selected Bronze Mirrors Donated by Mr. Lloyd Kouchen” (2014) and “Min Fanglei and Selected Bronze Vessels Unearthed in Hunan” (2015). He has also planned a number of exhibitions in the Ningbo Museum, such as “Ningbo Aicheng Cultural Development Co., Ltd. Tibetan Bronzeware” (2015), and has compiled several exhibition catalogues. In 2017, he co-curated the exhibition “China and Egypt: Cradle of the World” with Staatliche Museen zu Berlin in Germany.
    • In 2018, he published the monograph “The Sorting and Research of Ancient Chinese Bronze Ware – Bronze Scrolls”, which won the third prize of the third “Li Xueqin Chinese Ancient History Research Award”. In 2020, the monograph “Ji Jin Yuanming-Archaeological Research in the Bronze Age of China” was published.
    • He is currently responsible for planning an exhibition of ancient Chinese bronzes in the National Museum of Korea in 2021 and a bronze exhibition in the new branch of Shanghai Museum in 2022.

Selected Publication(s)


  • 胡嘉麟 (2020)。《吉金元鳴—中國青銅時代的考古學研究》。上海:上海古籍出版社。
  • 胡嘉麟 (2018)。《中國古代青銅器整理與研究:青銅簠卷》。北京:科學出版社。