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Ms. WU Luchun

Zhejiang Provincial Museum (Hangzhou)

Fellowship Project

Ms. Wu Luchun will spend seven months at the British Library in London, U.K. She will examine dharanis and sutras of the Wuyue region and compare them with related Dunhuang materials collected at the British Library. She will also participate in projects including the digitisation of the Lotus Sutra Manuscripts and the International Dunhuang Project (IDP), gaining experience in manuscript digitisation, techniques of digital humanities such as data mining and automated character/text-recognition, while helping to refine the IDP database.


Ms. Wu Luchun specialises in archival management at the Zhejiang Provincial Museum. In recent years, her research has focused on the iconographical features of the Zhakou White Pagoda in Hangzhou. To further her understanding of the White Pagoda, she started studying dharanis and sutras found in the Wuyue Kingdom (907-978) between the late Tang Dynasty and the Northern Song Dynasty.

Recent Development and Achievement

    • Studying and sorting the sutras of the Leifeng Pagoda (ongoing)
    • Collation of a catalogue of existing Buddhist scriptures in the Wuyue area