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Ms. ZHU Saihong

Research Fellow
The Palace Museum (Beijing)

Fellowship Project

Ms. Zhu Saihong spent six months at the National Palace Museum in Taipei, Taiwan, where she conducted research on the rare book collections compiled by the Qing court as well as their preservation and conservation.


Ms. Zhu Saihong is a Research Fellow and Academic Committee Member of The Palace Museum, Supervisor of Postdoctoral Fellow. She is also a Member of the National Committee of Experts for the Preservation and Conservation of Ancient Books. She specializes in ancient books collation, preservation and research.

Ms. Zhu holds a Master of Arts degree from the Information Management Department of Peking University. She was appointed as the Deputy Director of the museum library in 2004 and the Director from July 2007 to June 2010.

Ms. Zhu has restored more than a thousand volumes of rare books and ancient books (1977-1988). She presided over the establishment of the catalog system of the museum library, including 21 sets of ancient and modern Chinese and foreign book catalogs (1989-1997). She sorted and compiled more than 30,000 ancient books (1998-1999), and catalogued more than 40,000 rare books (2000-2003). She presided over the work of the library from 2004 to June 2010, planning, organizing, and implementing a number of key projects: more than 230,000 Ming and Qing engravings were sorted and cataloged; the accounts, cards, and objects of 370,000 ancient books were counted and verified; 600,000 electronic records were entered into the cultural relics management system to automate book editing and borrowing, facilitating the preservation and digitization of ancient books; 200,000 rare books were scanned and more than a thousand kinds of unique books were photocopied and published. She also presided over the full-text digitization project of Qinggong Chenshe dang’an, the recommendation of 183 types of unique and rare books for inclusion in the “National Catalogue of Precious Ancient Books” (4th Branch), and the improvement on 12 related warehouses in line with industry standards. The Palace Museum Library was selected as one of the first batch of “National Main Preservation Units of Ancient Books”.

Ms. Zhu also restored the tradition of mounting exhibitions in the library. She planned and presided over 5 exhibitions including the 80th anniversary exhibition of historical records in the Qing Dynasty, and curated 4 other special exhibitions.

Recent Development and Achievement

    • Over the past 10 years, Ms. Zhu has presided over 5 national sorting and publishing projects. In addition, she participated in “A General History of Chinese Publishing”, a key project of the National Social Science Fund of China, and served as the first author of the early Qing volume. Since 1989, she has published more than a hundred academic papers, 6 books, 8 catalogues, and 3 special collections of historical documents.
    • In recent years, Ms. Zhu has continued to specialize in the research of Qing classics and cultural history. She published “Ancient Book Restoration Techniques” (updated edition), “Qing Court Chinese Book Decoration”, “The General Catalogue and Index of Publications of The Palace Museum during the Republican Era of China”, and other catalogues and books.

Selected Publication(s)

  • 朱賽虹(2018)。〈《石渠寶笈》紙品著錄的啟示與意義——兼與《秘殿珠林》比較〉。 載於沈乃文(主編),《版本目錄學研究(第九輯)》。北京:國家圖書館出版社。
  • 朱賽虹(2018)。〈故宮博物院九十年學術研究與編撰出版〉。載於朱鴻文(主編),《故宫博物院九十年》。北京:故宫博物院。
  • 朱賽虹(2017)。〈台灣地區刊發的善本書誌及其學術意義〉。《書志》,1。
  • 朱賽虹(2016)。〈字裡行間的早期院史〉。《紫禁城》,256。
  • 朱賽虹、曹鳳祥與劉蘭肖 (2008) 。《中國出版通史(6)—清代卷(上)》。北京:中國書籍出版社。
  • 朱賽虹 (2001) 。《古籍修復技藝》。北京:文物出版社。