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Dr. JIANG Yanwen

Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts (Tianjin)

Fellowship Project

Dr. Jiang Yanwen spent twelve months at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Canada, where he categorized and studied the museum collection of Chinese prints and folk arts. He also participated in curating the exhibition “Gods in My Home: Chinese New Year with Ancestor Portraits and Deity Prints”. During his time in Toronto, he visited other museums in North America to study their collections of Chinese Popular Prints.


Dr. Jiang Yanwen is currently a lecturer at the Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts and a Director of Tianjin Wang Shucun Chinese Folk Art Research Center and a Research Associate of Royal Ontario Museum a member of the Chinese Institute of Han- Dynasty Art and Tianjin Intangible Cultural Heritage Preservation Center. He received his Ph. D. in Art History from Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2017. His research focuses on ancient Chinese art history, art from the Han and Tang eras, and Chinese folk art.

Recent Development and Achievement

    Exhibition planning

    • April 2017: “Beijing New Year Painting Exhibition” organized by Prince Gong’s Mansion Museum of the Ministry of Culture, held at Prince Gong’s Mansion Museum.
    • August 2017: “An Exhibition of Ancient Cultural Relics in Qianxinan Prefecture” organized by the People’s Government of Qianxinan Prefecture, held at the Qianxinan Prefecture Museum.
    • January 2019: “Gods in My Home: Chinese New Year with Ancestor Portraits and Deity Prints” at Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada.
    • December 2019: “A Workshop in the Year of 1921: Yichengyong’s New Year Pictures Documenta”, organiezed by Gallery of Tianjin, held at Gallery of Tianjin.

    Academic events

    • January 2017: “Early and Late Chinese Art History”, organized by the Central Academy of Fine Arts; Presentation topic: “Ideal for Restoration: Shinto Stone Pillars and Que from the Han era in Beijing”, held at the Institute of Chinese Painting at Peking University.
    • February 2017: A symposium on “Han Paintings, Han Sites and Architecture in Tombs” organized by the Institute of Chinese Painting at the Peking University; Presentation topic: “Shaping Power: A Perspective on Han Que Research”, held at Luoyang Ease House.
    • February 2017: Academic Seminar on the Inheritance and Protection of Chinese Traditional New Year Pictures, organized by the Management Center at Prince Gong’s Mansion of the Ministry of Culture; Presentation Topic: “How do New Year pictures enter the “campus”? —Ten Years of Practice in Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts (2006-2016), held at a meeting room on the second floor of Prince Gong’s Mansion.
    • April 2018: Symposium on “Design in East Asian Arts”, Organized by Department of East Asian Studies, organized by the University of Toronto and Royal Ontario Museum; Presentation topic “Beijing Paper Gods: Image and Skill”. held at the University of Toronto.
    • September 2019: “The 10th International Academic Conference of ancient engraving in Wonju”, organized by the Museum of Ancient Asian Woodblock Prints; Presentation Topic: “Chinese Popular Prints in Korea”.
    • October 2019: Symposium on “Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival”, organized by Sichuan University; Presentation Topic: “New materials and new problems: An Introduction of several overseas Chinese New Year pictures”.
    • October 2019: “Museum exhibition planning and practice from an international perspective: 2019 professional training course for museum industry” organised by Capital Museum; Presentation Topic: “A story of the Exhibition of Gods in My Home”, held in Beijing.
    • May 2021: “The 13th Symposium on Printing Culture”, organized by China Printing Museum; Presentation Topic: “Huitao: A Perspective of the production skills of Tianjin Yangliuqing New Year Prints”, held in Beijing.

Selected Publication(s)

  • 姜彥文與王海霞(2015)。《中國古版年畫珍本》。湖北:湖北美術出版社。
  • 鄭岩與姜彥文(2014)。《董家莊漢墓》。山東:山東人民出版社。