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Ms. ZHOU Yun

Archaeology and Researcher
Shanghai Museum (Shanghai)

Fellowship Project

Ms. Zhou Yun spent six months at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, where she assisted in organizing an archaeological exhibition on early China cultural relics and engaged in exchange with her fellow colleagues.


Ms. Zhou Yun is Curator of Archaeology and Researcher at the Shanghai Museum with a specialty in archaeological excavation and research in the Shanghai area. Her research covers the early civilization of the lower Yangtze River in China, with a focus on Neolithic culture and paleoethnobotany. Throughout the years, Ms. Zhou has coordinated numerous exhibitions on unearthed cultural relics.

Recent Development and Achievement

    Ms. Zhou Yun will assist in the preparation for an archaeological exhibition in the new branch of the Shanghai Museum. She will also collaborate with the national project “Archaeological China” to excavate prehistoric sites in Shanghai.

Selected Publication(s)

  • 陳傑與周雲(2019)。〈福泉山良渚文化遺址及墓葬研究〉。載於《區域、社會與中國文明起源:國家科技支撐計劃課題「中華文明起源過程中區域聚落與居民研究」成果集》,2019(11)。北京:科學出版社。