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Affiliated Researcher
Museum Rietberg (Zurich)

Fellowship Project

Dr. Cheng Yu spent 1 year at Museum Rietberg in Zurich, Switzerland. She conducted research on the museum’s bronze collection and participated in the preparation for the upcoming exhibition Itineraries of Art, which explores the use and perception of ancient Chinese bronze vessels in different historical contexts.


Dr. Cheng Yu is now Affiliated Researcher at the Museum Rietberg after her Fellowship. Dr. Cheng Yu received her D.Phil. in 2019 from the School of Archaeology, The University of Oxford. She specializes in the archaeology of Bronze Age China, more specifically from the Erlitou period to the Western Zhou dynasty (1850-771 B.C.). In her dissertation, she explores the formation and development of the Zhou identity during the early Western Zhou period, by examining a wide range of excavated materials including bronze ritual vessels, bronze weapons and ceramics.

Recent Development and Achievement

    Dr. Cheng Yu is currently working on publishing her thesis into a book.

Selected Publication(s)

Cheng, A. (2020). White Pottery of Anyang in the Late Shang Period (1250-1050 B.C.). Orientations, 51(4), 66-75.