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The Meeting of East and West: Wu Guanzhong and Michael Sullivan in the Ashmolean Museum

Hong Kong Time: 4pm – 5:15pm | London Time: 9am – 10:15am
Presented in English on Zoom Webinar

Dr. LAU Sheung Ying from the Hong Kong Museum of Art, a 2019/2020 J. S. Lee Memorial Fellow, spent 18 weeks at the Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology, and worked closely with Prof. Shelagh VAINKER, who oversees the China Galleries and the Khoan and Michael Sullivan Gallery for Chinese Painting. Prof. Vainker and Dr. Lau will share their research on the 20th century Chinese painting in the Michael Sullivan Collection, as well as the correspondence between Wu Guanzhong (1919-2010) and Michael Sullivan (1916-2013). After the sharing, guest speakers will hold a dialogue that offers a more profound understanding of the intellectual sparks and friendship between the prominent Chinese artist and the pioneering scholar-collector in a social historical context.

Prof. Shelagh VAINKER馬熙樂女士

Prof. Shelagh Vainker is Curator of Chinese Art at the Ashmolean Museum in the United Kingdom and Associate Professor of Chinese Art at the University of Oxford. Prof. Vainker previously served as Curator of Chinese Ceramics and Textiles at the British Museum and President of the Oriental Ceramic Society. She is also the literary executor of the estate of the late Professor Michael Sullivan.

Prof. Vainker specializes in the material culture of the Northern Song Dynasty (960–1127), in particular the role of ceramics in articulating the relationships between officials, merchants, writers and consumers in urban and rural environments. She also works on modern and contemporary Chinese art.

She is responsible for three galleries in the Ashmolean: the permanent galleries China 3000BC – AD800 and China from AD800, and the Khoan and Michael Sullivan Gallery for Chinese Painting.

Dr. LAU Sheung Ying, Nadia 劉湘瀅女士

Dr. Lau Sheung Ying is currently Assistant Curator I (Chih Lo Lou) at the Hong Kong Museum of Art. She received her Ph.D. from the Department of Fine Arts at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Dr. Lau specializes in Ming, Qing and modern Chinese paintings, her research focuses on how Chinese artists leverage their works to construct and maintain their social network, and how their social activities shaped their artistic practice.

Dr. Lau spent 18 weeks at the Ashmolean Museum to study on the Chinese painting collection at the Museum and researched on archival materials of Michael Sullivan.