Forum for Curators of Chinese Art

Arising from the J. S. Lee Memorial Fellowship Programme (the "Programme"), the Forum for Curators of Chinese Art (the "Forum") sponsored by the Bei Shan Tang Foundation was launched in 2009. The Forum aims to provide a free, direct and open platform for curators of affiliated Programme Institutions as well as J. S. Lee Memorial Fellows to gather and share thoughts. This Forum brings together a special global community of curators, fostering interactions to nurture international museum collaborations.


2009 Forum for Curators of Chinese Art

The first Forum was hosted by the Art Museum, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong) in Fall 2009, in which Mr. James Watt (former Chairman of Department of Asian Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art) and Mr. Chen Kelun (Vice Director, Shanghai Museum) made keynote presentations on Private Collections and Public Museums.


2011 Forum for Curators of Chinese Art

Seattle Art Museum (U.S.A) hosted the second Forum in Summer 2011. Comprising more topics than the previous Forum, there were discussions on permanent collections, presenting and collecting contemporary art, collaborations among museums and exhibitions in planning.


2013 Forum for Curators of Chinese Art

In Spring 2013, Shanghai Museum (China) hosted the third Forum, discussing topics related to conservation and preservation of museums' collections, collaborations and resource sharing among museums and museum education and outreach.


2014 Forum for Curators of Chinese Art

The forth Forum was hosted by The British Museum (U.K.) in Winter 2014, which discussed international exhibition collaboration and exchange between museums in China and foreign countries. During the Forum, the participants had in-depth discussions on topics related to national policies, procedures, difficulties and solutions in organizing international exhibition and loan exhibition.


2016 Forum for Curators of Chinese Art

The fifth Forum was hosted by The Palace Museum (China) in Fall 2016 in the theme of "Understanding Chinese Art: Communication and Collaboration". The Forum discussed how museums of different cultural backgrounds can achieve and deliver a better understanding on Chinese art through science, historical research, exhibit design and museum education.


2018 Forum for Curators of Chinese Art

The 6th Forum for Curators of Chinese Art was hosted by the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Canada. The Forum with the theme of "The Global Turn: Chinese Art without Borders" explored Chinese art history study, exhibition planning and public engagement in a global perspective and attempted to rethink the value and new direction for Chinese art exhibition. The participants shared how different museums and cultural institutions understand and interpret Chinese art through interdisciplinary and cross-cultural interaction, across country and cultural boundaries.