2019/2020 Fellows

J. S. Lee Memorial Fellows

Dr. HU Jialin (Shanghai Museum, Shanghai, China)
Dr. Hu is the Associate Curator at the Ancient Bronze Department of Shanghai Museum. He is also a part-time researcher of the Bronze Culture Research Center, Shaanxi Normal University. His fields of study include Shang and Zhou period archaeology, ancient bronze and paleography. He is responsible for the research of the ancient bronze collection of Shanghai Museum, with a number of research papers published. In 2011, he was a visiting scholar at The British Museum to study its bronze collection and to assist the Museum to study the collection and transcript the inscriptions of the bronzes. He will have his Fellowship exchange at The Art Institute of Chicago (Chicago, U.S.A.) for four months to study the Institute's Chinese ancient bronze collection and related collections in the region.


Ms. LAU Sheung Ying (Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong, China)
Ms. Lau is currently the Assistant Curator II of the Chih Lo Lou Collection of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy at the Hong Kong Museum of Art and a Ph.D. candidate of the Department of Fine Arts at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, with a research interest in Ming, Qing and modern Chinese painting. Her recent research focuses on the strategies Chinese artists employed in forming and maintaining social networks and how artists' artistic styles were influenced by the social networks that they actively and continuously constructed. She will spend four and half months at the Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology, University of Oxford (Oxford, U.K.) to study the Chinese paintings in the Ashmolean collection as well as to exchange ideas on exhibition planning and museum education with her counterparts.


Dr. LI Yuhang (University of Wisconsin-Madison, Wisconsin, U.S.A.)
Dr. Li is an Associate Professor of Chinese art history at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her research interests cover a wide range of subjects and mediums related to gender and material practice in late imperial China, such as the cult of Guanyin and gendered image making, mimesis and devotional practice, opera and Chinese visual culture. She is the author of the forthcoming book Becoming Guanyin: Artistic Devotion of Buddhist Women in Late Imperial China and co-curator and co-editor of the exhibition and resulting catalog Performing Images: Opera in Chinese Visual Culture. Dr. Li is currently working on her second book project on Empress Dowager Cixi's involvement in the stage production in the late Qing period. She will spend five months to study collections related to the Qing court theatrical artifacts at The Palace Museum (Beijing, China).


Mr. YU Li (The Palace Museum, Beijing, China)
Mr. Yu works at the Conservation Department of The Palace Museum and is engaged in the conservation and research of Chinese ancient painting and calligraphy. By adopting the technology, historical documents and treatment experience, his research focuses on the royal collections of the Qing court and the interior painting decoration of the palaces. He currently works on a conservation project on the Hall for Mental Cultivation (Yangxindian) which involves the study of materials as well as research related to Chinese ancient painting and calligraphy collected in the Hall. He will spend four months at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (Boston, U.S.A.) to exchange with Museum colleagues on conservation techniques for Chinese painting and calligraphy as well as to observe and understand how the Museum engage the public through the Conservation in Action programme.


Ms. ZHOU Yun (Shanghai Museum, Shanghai, China)
Ms. Zhou works at the Archaeology Department of Shanghai Museum. She has long been engaged in archaeological excavation and research work in Shanghai area. Her main research field is the early civilization of the lower Yangtze river in China, with a focus on neolithic culture and paleoethnobotany. Throughout the years, Ms. Zhou responsible for the coordination of exhibitions on unearthed cultural relics and currently, is preparing the future archaeology exhibition series for the new branch of Shanghai Museum. She will station at the Royal Ontario Museum (Toronto, Canada) for six months to participate in the Museum's upcoming archaeological exhibition on early China cultural relics and to exchange with fellow colleagues.


** The List is arranged in alphabetical order of Fellows' names